Tu si Capitanul Kirk

Enterprise Live

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I don’t know deeply details about stat() because I’m not an low level specialist.
Kirk: You are the evil. The evil must be destroyed. Fulfill the Prime Directive.. Who’s interfering? We’re taking over. Check?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: In my free time I’m working to an application that allow defining a prefix file name
Kirk: What kind of a mind could think of such a thing?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Many times in our job, we need to work with files and need to know file properties.
Kirk: Yes, the organisers, the managers. The leader of your people.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Sorry, if somebody passes a stupid input I’m not the only guilty. As I said I’ll try to help him.
Kirk: Don’t say any more.. Oh, my. That’s the way it was in 1881.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Title means “file size fast detection” not “the fastest file size detection“.
Kirk: Lieutenant, I think it’s time you told me what’s going on.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: the help files, books or FAQs are not perfect. It doesn’t fit everywhere and are not designed for simple copy/paste without using any neurons
Kirk: Kirk: I can usually follow you, Lieutenant, but this time?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Fortunately, your feedback helped me to increase article’s quality and to satisfy fastest expectations, too.
Kirk: What you’re hearing, gentlemen, is a Provider.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: What are you computing? Rabbits?
Kirk: What they are depends on your perception. We’ll need somebody in the pod for readings.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: This code is just a sample that is gives you an idea.
Kirk: And the great misery which you now face.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: You anticipated me, a little bit.
Kirk: The report was premature.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Even in that exquisite case, I see no issues even on win32 machine.
Kirk: Care to speculate on what we’ll find if we go on ahead?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: That was the reason of changing from unsigned long to long long.
Kirk: I didn’t think it was.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Reviewing the comments, I see a miss understanding (It missed me, too)
Kirk: That’s the problem, Lieutenant. We have only questions. No answers.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Even if I should talk about this function, this function returns a DWORD which is a unsigned long, too.
Kirk: Lieutenant will have the honour of escorting you to your quarters.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: English next time, please.
Kirk: We’ve made you angry with our will to survive, haven’t we?

Logul Capitanului

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: My name is Silviu Marius ARDELEAN and I am a software developer working and living in Timisoara, Romania.
Kirk: Welcome to the Enterprise, Silviu.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Regarding the “instructions how to make best algorithms ” there is not something special. This it depends on your’s algorithmic intellection, cleverness.
Kirk: Extrasensory perception. Lieutenant, how are you on ESP? It exists on the hate of others.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: When I was 12 years old having a personal computer was just a dream.
Kirk: No one expects you to die for an error in judgment.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I was dreaming working on a PC on my desktop.
Kirk: Yes, you were. Yes. But you’re a sick man now, sir.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Two years later, I started studies to National Collage Informatics “Traian Lalescu” from Hunedoara and programming passion has started.
Kirk: The inevitable outcome?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: All high school period, I spent weekends working to software application for Scientific Sessions or participating to Olympics.
Kirk: Location and distance.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: The destiny makes me study automatics and industrial informatics to University of Petrosani.
Kirk: Screen on.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: In five years of studies, I worked as software developer to a internet provider company called General ComTrust.
Kirk: I could’ve prevented all of it.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Because of financial reasons I decided to change my job and I got in a system engineer and database administrator position to Hidroelectrica SA, Romanian electric power manufacture base on water.
Kirk: Then you know that nothing can be done.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: But my dream job remained a software developer position and after approximately two years I got a software developer position to Siemens VDO Automotive SRL from Timisoara, Romanian branch of Siemens VDO Company.
Kirk: Time warp. We’re going backward in time. Helm, begin reversing power. Slowly.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: In 2008, after a sky accident, I was mad enough to get a senior software developer position to one of biggest anti-malware company, BitDefender.
Kirk: That’s paradise?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Now, I’m working there for Business Client Security solution.
Kirk: (laughs) Is there anything else?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: My first programming language was Pascal but my favorite is C++.
Kirk: Go. Silviu, take over navigation.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I am an active member of several online developer communities.
Kirk: We have never encountered your species before.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I’m acting into a C++ Romanian programming community called CODEXPERT and other communities as codeguru.com forums and softpedia.com (known as Maximus_X).
Kirk: Too much of anything, Silviu, even love, isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I’m writing technical articles and FAQs on codexpert.ro.
Kirk: Any evidence of involuntary or unconscious telepathic abilities?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I am a dynamic, self motivated and enthusiast person with a great work capacity, able to work in stress conditions and to learn a lot of new things, open to the new and able to adapt on the fly to new requirements.
Kirk: I remember. Let’s forget it. We have a lot of lost time to make up for.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: Computers are not my only interested field.
Kirk: Just incredibly prolific.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I’m interesting in technique: logic, financial, music, cars, pictures and sports: tennis, football (soccer) and ski, too.
Kirk: Does the recorder marker have this on its tapes?

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I am writing different non-technique topics on a Romanian blog.
Kirk: Good. Contact me when you can. Kirk out.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I write about how I see normality and stories of my life.
Kirk: That just sounds like Silviu in one of his contemplative phases.

Silviu-Marius Ardelean: I’m writing what I’m thinking, what is revolting me, what is delight or disgust me.
Kirk: An improved breed of human. That’s what the Eugenics War was all about.