Testul Turing

Poate o masina sa gindeasca?” Asta scria pe plicul misivei adresata de domnul Turing societatii de cicat in care traia. La auzul acestor vorbe societatea a decis ca este mai bine sa-l castreze. Good job England.

Dupa 60 de ani ne-am pus si noi aceasta intrebare aici in redactie, moment in care am inceput sa cautam doi subiecti fecunzi mental, putin naivi (naivi pentru lumea in care traim), cu experienta si viziune de viata.

Am decis asupra fostului capitan de naveta spatiala James Kirk si fostul administrator la Hidrocentrala SA, Silviu Ardelean. Primul binecunoscut ca fornicator spatial si colectionar de mobila vintage pentru sufrageria cu care zbura prin spatiu iar al doilea binecunoscut pe forumurile romanesti de programare ca un remarcabil partener de dialog.

Mai jos reproducem testul Turing pentru cei doi subiecti:

Silviu: My name is Silviu Marius ARDELEAN and I am a software developer working and living in Timisoara, Romania.
Kirk: Welcome to the Enterprise, Silviu.
Silviu: When I was 12 years old having a personal computer was just a dream.
Kirk: No one expects you to die for an error in judgment.
Silviu: I was dreaming working on a PC on my desktop.
Kirk: Yes, you were. Yes. But you’re a sick man now, sir.
Silviu: Two years later, I started studies to National Collage Informatics “Traian Lalescu” from Hunedoara and programming passion has started.
Kirk: The inevitable outcome?
Silviu: All high school period, I spent weekends working to software application for Scientific Sessions or participating to Olympics.
Kirk: Location and distance.
Silviu: The destiny makes me study automatics and industrial informatics to University of Petrosani.
Kirk: Screen on.
Silviu: In five years of studies, I worked as software developer to a internet provider company called General ComTrust.
Kirk: I could’ve prevented all of it.
Silviu: Because of financial reasons I decided to change my job and I got in a system engineer and database administrator position to Hidroelectrica SA, Romanian electric power manufacture base on water.
Kirk: Then you know that nothing can be done.
Silviu: But my dream job remained a software developer position and after approximately two years I got a software developer position to Siemens VDO Automotive SRL from Timisoara, Romanian branch of Siemens VDO Company.
Kirk: Time warp. We’re going backward in time. Helm, begin reversing power. Slowly.
Silviu: In 2008, after a sky accident, I was mad enough to get a senior software developer position to one of biggest anti-malware company, BitDefender.
Kirk: That’s paradise?
Silviu: Now, I’m working there for Business Client Security solution.
Kirk: (laughs) Is there anything else?
Silviu: My first programming language was Pascal but my favorite is C++.
Kirk: Go. Silviu, take over navigation.
Silviu: I am an active member of several online developer communities.
Kirk: We have never encountered your species before.
Silviu: I’m acting into a C++ Romanian programming community called CODEXPERT and other communities as codeguru.com forums and softpedia.com (known as Maximus_X).
Kirk: Too much of anything, Silviu, even love, isn’t necessarily a good thing.
Silviu: I’m writing technical articles and FAQs on codexpert.ro.
Kirk: Any evidence of involuntary or unconscious telepathic abilities?
Silviu: I am a dynamic, self motivated and enthusiast person with a great work capacity, able to work in stress conditions and to learn a lot of new things, open to the new and able to adapt on the fly to new requirements.
Kirk: I remember. Let’s forget it. We have a lot of lost time to make up for.
Silviu: Computers are not my only interested field.
Kirk: Just incredibly prolific.
Silviu: I’m interesting in technique: logic, financial, music, cars, pictures and sports: tennis, football (soccer) and ski, too.
Kirk: Does the recorder marker have this on its tapes?
Silviu: I am writing different non-technique topics on a Romanian blog.
Kirk: Good. Contact me when you can. Kirk out.
Silviu: I write about how I see normality and stories of my life.
Kirk: That just sounds like Silviu in one of his contemplative phases.
Silviu: I’m writing what I’m thinking, what is revolting me, what is delight or disgust me.
Kirk: An improved breed of human. That’s what the Eugenics War was all about.

Credem ca Turing a fost razbunat de Masina.

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